Health care system

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The classification of health care in Latvia includes:

  • emergency medical care - sudden falling ill or injury, as a result of which the life of the victim is in danger;primary health care – the first stage of interaction or contact between patients and the provider of health care services (general practitioner, assistant of the doctor, nurse, accoucheuse or midwife, dentist, assistant of the dentist, nurse of the dentist and sanitarian);
  • secondary health care – specialized ambulatory and stationary health care, orienting to emergency, acute or planned type health care (which is provided by an ambulatory medical institution, in the ambulatory department of a hospital, in the institution of emergency medical care, in a day patient facility, or in a hospital);
  • tertiary health care – highly specialized health care services, which are provided in specialized medical institutions by specialists or professionals of multiple fields of medicine, who in turn have extra qualification.


How to contact NHS?

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