What is E-health?

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What is E-health?

E-health is an electronic public health-care information system for secure, easy and quick record and exchange of information between the patient and the medical practitioners involved in their care.

The E-health website address is www.eveseliba.gov.lv.

From 1 January 2018 - only electronically 

Currently, the use of E-health site is voluntary for medical institutions and pharmacies - medicine prescriptions and sick-leave certificates can be issued both electronically and in paper form, however, from 1 January 2018 the sick-leave certificates and prescriptions for state compensated medicines will be only issued electronically. Meanwhile, the medical institutions will be obliged to provide online information regarding referrals for receiving inpatient or hospital services, radiological examinations, overview of outpatient examination, information on vaccinations etc. 

When will the medical information be recorded on E-health? 

The recording of the medical information about the resident will start at the moment when the medical institution or physician visited has started work (data entry) on E-health. Thus, part of the medical information will be available to the resident only in time, as the medical institutions and doctors become more active users of the E-health system.

For what period the medical information will be available on E-health site? 

E-health site will provide access to the current and historical (if relevant to the treatment process of the patient) medical data of the patients - if the doctor has entered such information about the patient in the E-health system. For example, extracts from hospitals, diagnosis, allergies, regular medicines, medical devices etc.

How to contact NHS?

Cross-Border Healthcare Contact point: +37167045005

Secretariat: +37167043700

E-mail: nvd@vmnvd.gov.lv


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