What is available to a resident on the E-health?

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  • Personal information  
- specify your contact information for communication with your physician;
- designate your emergency contact;
- delegate another person to access your health information;
- view Audit records - who and when has checked the resident’s health information on the E-health site.

  • Information about the family doctor
- view information about your family doctor;
- re-register with another family doctor, if the specific doctor has started using E-health.

  • Information about the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
- view current and historical EHIC data;
- electronically apply for a new card.

  • Basic health information  
- view basic health information - diagnosis and allergies, most commonly used medicines and medical items (basic patient data can only be entered by the family doctor, thus ensuring better quality of healthcare).

  • Issued e-prescriptions 
 - view information on all medicines prescribed on E-health.

  • Issued and closed sick-leave e-certificates 
view information on all sick-leave e-certificates opened and closed on E-health;
- send information about the opened sick-leave e-certificate to the employer’s or other email.

  • Referrals to consultations and examinations 
- view data on referrals to medical consultations and diagnostic examinations.

  • Physician opinions (results) 
 - view the results of the consultations.

  • Examination results 
 - view test results, for example, results of visual diagnostic tests.

  • Vaccination data  
apply for vaccination (or refuse);
- view information on the suffered infectious diseases, received vaccinations and related complications etc.

  • Notifications 
- receive various informative messages, for example, on the opened and closed sick-leave e-certificates in the "Pastkastīte" (Mailbox) section.


E-health will include information about the resident and his/her minor children and persons under his/her custody.

How to contact NHS?

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