Sick leave e-certificate

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  1. How to use sick leave e-certificate?

  2. 1) The physician opens the sick leave e-certificate.
    If the employer wants to check the fact of the opening of the e-reference on incapacity for work, upon the patient’s request the doctor or the patient can send this information to the employer’s or other e-mail. 

  1. 2) The physician closes the e-reference on incapacity for work.
    This information is automatically received by the State Revenue Service (SRS). 

  1. 3) The employer receives the information about the employee’s e-reference on incapacity for work that is closed.
    The patient does not have to submit a hard copy of the sick-leave certificate on incapacity for work. 

  1. 4) The patient requests and receives sickness benefits from the SSIA.
    After the closure of the sick-leave certificate B, the application to SSIA can be submitted electronically via e-service "E-iesniegums VSAA pakalpojumiem" (E-application for SSIA services) noting the specific sick-leave certificate.

How to submit an application to SSIA and receive sickness or maternity benefit, if the sick leave certificate B is closed on E-health site?


  • on the website by using the e-service "E-iesniegums VSAA pakalpojumiem" (E-application for SSIA services)
  • if you are using e-signature, fill out the form available on and send the application to

In writing:

  • in person in any territorial division or state and municipal customer service center of the SSIA;
  • by post (you must indicate the sick-leave certificate B number).

SSIA will receive the information about the closed sick-leave certificates B electronically.

The SSIA decision on granting the benefit will be received in accordance with the type of receipt of the decision indicated in the application - in person, by post or on section "Mana darba vieta" (My workspace).

What are the benefits of using sick leave e-certificate?

  • Quick. No paperwork. E-health ensures electronic exchange of information with the employer and the SSIA. You no longer have to bring hard copies of any documents.
  • One sick-leave certificate for the entire treatment period. It can be opened, extended or closed by any of the attending doctors.
  • The availability of information. The patient may view, print or send his sick-leave e-certificates.

How to contact NHS?

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Secretariat: +37167043700



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