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How to use e-prescription?

  1. 1) The doctor gives the patient an e-prescription on E-health site.

  2. 2) The patient goes to a pharmacy to buy the medicine.

  3. 3) At the pharmacy, the patient presents a passport or identity card (eID).

  4. 4) The pharmacist issues the medicine and records it.

How to purchase e-prescription medicines for another person?  

In order to purchase e-prescription medicines for another person:

  • provide the e-prescription identification number (this is visible on the E-health site for the doctor, the patient and the delegated persons);
  • provide the name and surname of the patient for whom the e-prescription has been issued (if the identification number and the name is a match, the pharmacist will issue the medicines);
  • present an identification document (it is necessary to present the buyer’s document so that the pharmacist could record the receiver of the medicines in the E-health system).

If you are delegated in the E-health system to buy an e-prescription medicine for another person, the e-prescription identification number in the pharmacy do not have to be named.

How to buy an e-prescription medicines for a child?

If you need to buy an e-prescription medicines for your minor child (also if you are a child's guardian), then at the pharmacy:

  • give the child's name and surname;
  • present your identity document.

In which pharmacies e-prescriptions can be used?

E-prescription medicines that are prescribed in the E-health system can be purchased at pharmacies that have signed an agreement on the use of the E-health system. View pharmacies on an interactive map.

Can e-prescription medicines be purchased in parts?

Medicines that are prescribed on the E-health site with a regular prescription can be purchased in parts, as the system holds the information about the remaining volume. Importantly, this can be done in different pharmacies without being attached to one pharmacy as before.

What are the benefits of an e-prescription?

  • Easy. Don't worry about reading the doctor’s handwriting or losing the prescription.
  • High quality treatment. All issued e-prescriptions are available to the patient and the attending physician on the E-health website (including those that are used and returned to the pharmacist).

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