State-funded Covid-19 tests - to whom they are performed and how to act

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To whom Covid-19 tests are MADE free of charge?

1. For residents with onset of the symptoms of acute respiratory infection: increased body temperature, cough and difficult breathing without any other reason within 14 days after return from abroad;

2. For contact persons of the Covid-19 patients, determined by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, who are in home quarantine and who have onset of the symptoms of acute respiratory infection within 14 days from contact with the patient: fever, cough and difficult breathing due to no other reasons (except relatives, who live together with the patient).

3. For employees of certain professions who have onset of the symptoms of acute respiratory sickness (you can apply for tests through your employer, who will provide information to the SEMS):

  • health care professionals involved in patient care;
  • pharmacists and pharmacist assistants;
  • emergency services officers - police officers, firefighters, border guards, customs officers, etc.
  • staff of social care institutions and shelters;

4. For certain groups of patients receiving hospital treatment (tests are performed by the hospital):

  • all in-patients admitted to hospital with pneumonia;
  • in-patients with severe acute respiratory infection without any other reason fully explaining the clinical signs (including patients requiring intensive care and patients with bilateral pneumonia of unclear etiology);
  • in-patients with acute respiratory infection, the infection with which has occurred in the hospital;

5. For certain groups of patients with a very high risk of transmission and complications of the infection (the institution shall apply for tests):

  • social care clients (elderly people with chronic illnesses);
  • clients of shelters with acute respiratory infections.

Where to call to in order to apply for Covid-19 tests?

If the symptoms are mild - high temperature, cough:

  • Call the State Emergency Medical Service test registration phone 8303 every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

If the patient is able to go by his/ her car to the testing point in Riga, the registrar will inform you during the call about the time and place of testing. If the patient wishes to perform testing at any of the points outside Riga, the registrar will transfer the information on the patient to the Central Laboratory, the employee of whom will contact the patient by telephone and inform on the place and time of testing. Upon arrival by your car at the time determined in advance for the patient, it will be possible to perform testing at the mobile testing points of the SEMS and Central Laboratory in Riga, Daugavpils, Jekabpils, Liepaja, Ventspils, Madona, Talsi, Cesis, Tukums or Valmiera. Locations of the mobile testing points are available on the interactive map.


  • Call to the E. Gulbja Laboratory’s test registration via phone 67801112 every day from 08:00 to 20:00.

Upon arrival by your car at the time determined in advance, it will be possible to do laboratory testing at the E.Gulbja Laboratory’s testing points in Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Ventspils, Kuldiga. Locations of the mobile testing points are available on the interactive map.

What the patients, who go to the mobile testing points, should comply with?

  • You should mandatorily apply in advance by calling to the phone 8303 or 67801112. You must not arrive without the application in advance.
  • You may go to these points only by your private car. It is prohibited to go to the testing points by walking, public transportation or taxi.
  • The waiting time for testing in Riga is approximately 24 hours, but in regions it may reach even several days.
  • In order to avoid crowds, laboratory testing is made according to the row, at the time determined for each patient, regarding which he or she is informed via phone.
  • When going to the testing point, you shall have a personal identity document with you.
  • Before testing doctors will assess the health condition of the patient and make sure on the existence of symptoms.
  • CDPC specialist will inform the patient on test results via phone. In case of a negative result, the patient will receive information on the portal “E-health” within 2 days from performance of testing. In order to view the received notification on, select “Connect” and “Resident”. Afterwards you shall authorise by using the internet banking access data, electronic signature or personal identity card (eID). Notification on test results will be available in the menu “Inbox”. In case it is not possible to connect to the E-health portal, you may call to the National Health Service via phone 8000 1234 during working days and working hours to find out test results.
  • Until notification of the test result, you shall comply with all determined safety measures - stay at your place of residence and shall not visit any public places.
  • If tests confirm Covid-19 disease, act as follows. (Recommendations for relatives of the Covid-19 patients).
  • If tests do not confirm Covid-19 disease, act as follows.

To whom the state-funded Covid-19 tests are NOT PERFORMED?

1. For residents without any symptoms of disease and who have not been abroad within the recent 14 days or have not had a close contact with the Covid-19 patient approved by the CDPC.

2. For residents, who have onset of mild acute respiratory disease (increased body temperature, cough) within 14 days after return from abroad and who do not have any possibility to reach the testing point by their own transport. In such a case the patient shall undergo treatment at home under the supervision of a family doctor and shall comply with home quarantine.

3. For relatives of COVID-19 patients, who live together with the patient and having onset of mild signs of acute respiratory infection diseases. They will undergo treatment at home under the supervision of a family doctor, in compliance with the home quarantine, the same as the Covid-19 patient being at home.

What the patients, to whom Covid-19 tests are not performed and who undergo treatment at home under the supervision of a family doctor, should comply with?

  • If symptoms are mild, laboratory confirmation of Covid-19 may not be necessary in all cases, as there is no specific treatment for the disease and it is treated as any viral infection based on the patient's clinical condition (relieve symptoms, for example, by using medicinal products for reduction of temperature, coughing, etc.). Without testing, it is clinically determined that a person may be Covid-19 positive and with mild symptoms may be treated under the supervision of a family doctor.
  • In case of onset of symptoms of the disease, a person should contact via phone with his or her family doctor, providing as precise information as possible on his or her health status.
  • A family doctor issues a sick-leave certificate in case of need.
  • The mandatory obligation is to comply with the home quarantine. It is prohibited to leave the place of residence and the person has to avoid any contact with other persons.
  • A person should maintain communication with his or her family doctor and follow the therapy and regime prescribed by the doctor.
  • The use of any medicinal products should be agreed with the family doctor, in order to minimise the possible risk of by-effects and complications.
  • In case of a sudden worsening of the health status a person should contact with the family doctor or, if the health status is critical, call to the emergency phone 113.
  • It is possible to terminate home quarantine and proceed with daily life only after performance of control testing and permission of a doctor. A patient is considered as healthy when clinical symptoms are gone and when two repeated testing results for Covid-19 are negative (the family doctor shall apply for examination).

!!! If symptoms characteristic to Covid-19 disease are severe - very high temperature, difficult breathing, you should call to the emergency phone 113.

In such a case the SEMS team goes to the calls across the whole Latvia and delivers the patient to the hospital in case of need. In case of suspicions on the Covid-19 disease, the patient is delivered to the Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases, Children Clinical University Hospital or any of six regional hospitals: North Kurzeme Regional Hospital in Ventspils, Liepaja Regional Hospital, Vidzeme Hospital, Daugavpils Regional Hospital or Rezekne Hospital.